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5x the Power none of the hassle

GHOST Development offers the only 100% modular and mobile turbines available today. Our lightweight SMART AI controlled designs are carefully crafted not only for maximum efficiency, but also least effort. GHOST technology SMART AI controlled G-series turbines are specifically built around permitting restraints that inhibit most people from unlocking the immense profit potential of green energy generation.

Clamshell Flux Generator

Traditional Geared Generator 

How it's possible?

The Clamshell Flux Generator is the incredible powerhouse of the GHOST turbine. This singular generator composed of only 7 moving parts replaces over hundreds of friction producing gears found in traditional turbine engines with frictionless magnetic resonance.

Less Friction = More turbine spin = More energy produced

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You could replace any turbine engine out there with a patented GHOST Clamshell Flux generator powered engine and increase it’s current electrical output by over 300%.

300 is Good but we can do better

The specially crafted G-series Wind turbines come not only with a patented Clamshell Flux Generator, but are designed in every aspect for efficiency. The lightweight carbon-fiber 3-D printed 8-blade design increases both wind capture and spin for G-series turbines. The only thing that could make these turbines more efficient is if they had a mind of their own.


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Whoops, unlike the G-Series SMART AI software, I forgot the G-series does have a mind of its own. The SMART AI software not only instantly reports any damage or maintenance issue to our Star Link satellite system, and protects the units by sensing, predicting, and responding to drastic weather events. The G-Series SMART AI works continuously by sensing the direction of the wind and changing the position of the Turbine to best capture the wind.

All these components together create a lightweight, movable, modular turbine that can pull 5 times the energy from the same air moving across its blades as any traditional turbine of the same dimensions.   

 Thanks to the innovative user-friendly SMART AI controls you don’t have to be an engineer to own and operate GHOST tech. In fact, if you are looking for a 100% passive income opportunity GHOST Development offers management services can handle all the business and maintenance issues of owning a G-Series based enterprise for a small fee. All you have to do is own the land to place them on and GHOST Development will ensure the monetization of all power our turbines produce.

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