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Mobile Wind Turbines So Efficient They Broke The Law!

The GHOST Modular Mobile Wind Turbines are like no other on the market. In fact, up until GHOST Turbines underwent testing in October of 2023 GHOST turbines were theoretically impossible. In October we discovered that the unique design of GHOST G-Series wind turbines regularly broke a law of physics.

The Betz Law


The Betz Law says that the most efficient wind turbine that humanity could ever invent would be able to convert a maximum of 59.3% of the energy from the wind into electrical energy. GHOST G-series Turbines blew right past that limit operating at or above 59.3% efficiency throughout testing.



John Pietre (former NASA Aerospace Engineer) who has spent 17 years leading the development team for our G-Series wind turbines, assures us that no sorcery was used once so ever in their development. Just an amazing synergy of advanced AI-controlled smart wind capture swivel head folding blade design, lightweight materials, and our patented Clamshell Flux generator.


All G-series turbines are outfitted with a SMART AI technology that controls the swivel head of the turbine to capture the maximum amount of wind energy possible no matter where it’s placed. This AI system not only ensures that the blades capture the most wind energy possible, they also serve to constantly monitor and respond to weather conditions up to and including autonomously packing away the wind turbine until a storm passes, leading to 98% less maintenance downtime than traditional turbines.  

Folding Carbon Fiber 8 Blade design

G-Series revolutionary lightweight carbon fiber 8 Blade design significantly increases wind capture. Each additional blade captures additional wind energy, and the unique folding blade design increases the amount of energy transferred from the blades to be converted into electrical energy in our patented Clamshell Flux generator.

Clamshell Flux Generator

The Clamshell Flux Generator is the key component in GHOST Turbine’s energy efficiency dominance. This generator was designed to utilize frictionless magnetic resonance to replace over 95% of the components in traditional turbine generators. Simply put less friction = more engine spins = more electricity produced. These generators alone increase the GHOST G-series Turbines’ energy output by over 400%.

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