River Turbine

GW-100 River Turbine

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, with the GHOST GW-100 river turbine you can stick to the easy flowing rivers that you’re used to. 

GHOST GW100 River Turbine: Harness the Power of Nature

The GHOST GW100 River Turbine, a cutting-edge solution designed to harness the kinetic energy of rivers and provide an environmentally friendly ultra-efficient unseen source of electricity. With an impressive output of 300 kWh in average river speeds (8 mph) making it a versatile and efficient choice for various locations.

Completely Unseen

Our GHOST GW100 River Turbine is specially suited to be placed below the surface of a flowing river so it can produce clean green renewable energy completely unseen.

Fish Approved

The GW100 River Turbine’s corkscrew blade design offer very little disturbance to the flow of the river overall and no noticeable effects on water flow at the surface at all. This is largely due to the smooth, seamless, and most of all near frictionless patented Clamshell Flux Generator powered turbine engine that not only provides 2-4 times the power of a standard geared turbine engine but does so without producing reverberations that could harm aquatic local aquatic life or inhibit mating.


The awe-inspiring GW100 River Turbines can be placed in a river in as little as 200 ft intervals without throttling or damage to the environment. That’s 26 GW100s that can be placed per mile!

Modular Benefits

The GW100 River Turbine is a completely modular turbine that is readily deployable to any place that can be reached by truck, helicopter, ship. These incredible units can be hooked up and operating in as little as 20 minutes from time of delivery and continue operating for 60+ years with proper maintenance and that is the best part of all. Thanks in large part to our near frictionless Clamshell Flux Generator powered turbine engine GW100s require less than 10% of the maintenance of a traditionally designed river turbines.  

Whether you’re looking to power a remote village, a commercial facility, or your home, the GHOST GW100 River Turbine provides a scalable solution for your energy needs!

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